History of the Bungalow

The storied past of the Bungalow began in 1931. Highway 12 (now I-94 ) passed right by the front of our building, and the toll bridge to Hudson, WI. was just up the road. The original owners, Milbert and Lilly Clymer, sold Phillips 66 gasoline and food for weary travelers at what was then called "the Station". They kept the place open around the clock; the attendant sleeping right inside would wake to serve the bell-ringing late hour patrons.

In the years that followed, with prohibition still in effect, bootleg whiskey and illegal slot machines offered a fun time for everyone...that is, if you knew Milbert and Lilly well enough.---- bldng_1 (large) The busiest days were Sundays. After church the 3.2 beer was spiked with ever-clear, and bootleg whiskey flowed freely. A hidden room was discovered years later which probably hid moonshine and slot machines, as they never knew when they might get raided. After all, a proprietor wanted to satisfy his customers, this was the depression, and times were tough.

During the gangster era of the early 30's Milbert and Lilly saw many, including Babyface Nelson, Alvin Karpis, Ma Barker and her boys, and even John Dillinger would stop by on his way to a hideout near Rhinelander, Wisconsin called "Little Bohemia". Back then, St.Paul was a haven for bad guys.

The St. Croix River Valley, the building, highways and bridges have all changed quite a bit since those days...

In 1969, Jack and Jan Lifteau bought the property. After adding a kitchen and dining room they renamed it the "Bungalow Inn", and a new era began in the St. Croix Valley. A Dixieland jazz ensemble called the Mouldy Figs played on Sundays- Jack bar-tended, and Jan was the chief cook and bottlewasher. The couple were an institution at the tavern for thirty-one years, and the Bungalow flourished under their watch.

Jack and Jan sold to Bill Eisenmann, a kitchen-man from Chicago and his wife Karen.  The Bungalow has become a roadhouse destination for hungry travelers and area residents alike. The crowd is still gambling, the booze is still flowing, and the steaks, chops, and walleye dinners are better than ever. Our goal continues in the tradition Milbert and Lilly Clymer that started over a half century ago...to insure a good time and pleasant atmosphere for our hungry friends and travelers. Be your pleasure food, drink, or gaming- Thanks for becoming part of the Bungalow history.

Bill sold The Bungalow to long time partner and CPA Leo Yurek; a native of the St. Croix Valley.  The traditions of great food and personable service continues to be a staple at The Bungalow.

Stop...Relax...Enjoy Life.---- bung_df4g (large)

The Bungalow today.